No TiTLe

There are some things in life that I would like to do and would like to be. But, always limitation. Whats the limitation? The usual answer for the limitation is time, money and opportunity. Those people with all those resources can consider themselve lucky. However, as a human, we always not satisfied with what we have. We want more and more and more. We always forget the fundamental of "Economic" whereby resouces are limited and demand, or should i called it desire are infinite.

"Wasatiah". Some of us have heard this words long time ago (I remembered my first encounter with this word is in secondary school). Some of us still remember this words but for most, we tend to forget. If we could not remember the words, how are we going to implement the meaning of the words? Wasatiah is moderate concept of life. It thought us to be moderate in whatever we do. But in real world, no one to be moderate. Everyone wants more. More money, more power, more girls, more bags and shoes and the list so long and it wont stop. Hopefully, one day we can adopt the concept of "Wasatiah" in our life.

As I wrote this articles, am looking over myself and asking whether I do adopt the concept in my life. The answer is not really. I will try starting from today to be moderate (do this mean I have to give up my Sony Vaio lappy and Nokia N 96?).

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