PoeM FoR You

I am not patient,
I am not like you,
The world is cruel,
And so were you,
The word of wisdom,
Does not work with you,
I am tired of whining,
And sulking with you,
It is time to leave,
Run away far from you,
My love is true,
My doubt is on you,
Give me sometimes,
I always heard this from you,
I would like to end,
Wonder what will you do,
Would you come and bag,
And ask me to went through,
Or just pass by,
Ignoring me as you do,
As I don't know,
What else should I do.


What is life? Is it our daily routine or the story of us? The definition varies and differed from one person to another’s. Whatever your definition is, everyone will come to an agreement whereby life is some kind mysteries, full of emotion, full of surprises and have it ups and downs.

Life is a mystery

Do you believe in Karma? Karma is defined as subsequent events which happen due to our behaviour or our acts. Some of us will think Karma as something superstitious and decide not to believe on it. But trust me, Karma do exist. Do you ever do some good deeds and after doing it, you encounter some good things happen to you. E.g. I always feel that what I earn is not enough for me to survive, and it always put me in a situation whether or not I should give my parents and siblings some pocket monies (an economic decision as it involve an opportunity cost). But at the end, I made up my mind and gave my parents and siblings their pocket monies. I end up surviving the whole 2 weeks with only RM50 in my pockets. It turn out that two weeks, lot of my friends are generous enough to treat me lunch and even sometimes dinner. This are parts of Karma, as lot of other peoples have face this with or without their realize it.

As people may said, gods works in a very mysterious way. As a muslim, I do believe that all things that happen in our life has been pre-arranged by Allah. The good and the bad things that happen have it own messages. For all the good things happen, we have to be grateful and for all the unfortunate things that happen, we have to remember that those things happen as a reminder to us and as a test for us. Remember Allah will not test us with the test we can’t bear.

Life is full of emotion

As a human being, our life will be full of emotion, following the events that happen in our life. We will laugh and smile when we are happy, sad and cry when we lost something and the list goes on. All this emotion makes up and colour our life. Enjoy the short life we have and make it worth it every second. We are no different with a robot and machine if we don’t have emotion, as emotion are some of the things that make us, human, unique.

Life is full of surprises

There will always be barrier and unexpected things that will happen in our life. The best thing for us to do is to plan. But planning wouldn’t give us absolute result. It only helps us to be prepared of things we want to do and things that we are going to face. Insya-Allah.

Life will always has it’s up and down

As some people said “life is like a roller coaster, it is full of ups and downs”. I guess I will let you all define yourself on this.

Whatever it is, thanks for visiting my blogs. Will love to hear the comments from you. I would appreciate sharing of ideas as “sharing is caring”.