What is success? Most of us will define success as an achievement in an event or in life. A student will define success when they achieve straight A’s in their examinations. Working persons will define success when they have climbed the highest ladder in their organisation and businessman/women will define success when they become millionaire. But is that all?

I always complain about my life. For me, I am not categories as a successful person. However, these past few days, I have come to realize that I am quite success compare to some other people. Quite fortunate with the kind of life I had right now. Why I say this? Here are some of the achievement in my life (I consider it some sort of success for myself). I had a degree in B.B.A. Finance (Hons), if I would compare to some people who could not afford to further their study to higher level, I am consider fortunate enough. I had job which pay me sufficiently for me to maintain my car, my apartment and my other expenses (which is quite luxury comparing with others). With the current economic condition, I am very fortunate to still have my job, earn my yearly increment and bonus when some of us are suffering with unemployment and retrenchment.

Can I consider myself success? I guess yes. Everyone is a success person. What you need is to analyze your accomplishment, compare it with other which is not as fortunate as you. As all the motivator did say, “Everyone is a winner. Success is something inside you, not something that the world potray it.”

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