I guess it is time for me to take a break from the Grunge fever. But this is just temporary. Need some time to search for materials. I had spent most of my time this week to search for info on my writing (can I called it my writing when most of the time I just surf, copy and paste most of the articles).

I was still looking for something to write and quite stuck on the limited topics I had in mind. Then, I went online and chat with some of my friends while promoting my blog. Suddenly, one of my friends asked me the reason why I want to create my own blog.

I think I had provided my friends with a wrong reason on why I become blogger. At first, my intention to create my own blog is for me to release the things I could not say or things that bugging me (the place for me to release my feeling towards my life). But once I started, I realized that I could not keep my blog as secret (hide it from friends). I love to see people visiting and reading my blog. Therefore, I change my cause of writing the blogs. From something personal, to something public and commercialize (kind like nirvana or other Grunge (some of underground band too) bands-at first they don’t want to commercialize their music, but at the end, they signed up with recording company and become mainstream). I use my blog to improve my English writing skills (am having problems with my past, present and future tense and also to identified and differentiate singular and plurals). It would give me advantages in my work if I can master the skills. There are lot of my friends giving me compliments on my English. Some say that my English is quite good compare to others. But frankly speaking, I don’t think I have good command in English for communication or writing. This are the things that I would like to improve in the near future. Hopefully I can achieve my goals by writing my blog in English.

I have lost ideas to write. It is best for me to end my writing now. To those who come to my blogs for the Grunge articles, you don’t have to be worried. I am going to update on articles related to Grunge and Grunge bands, update on the albums (previous albums and future projects-still in progress), mp3 songs and lyrics and so on. I would also write on thoughts and my own poems (kind of funny when blog related to Grunge music do have this kind of subjects) and few other categories/ labels in the future.

Thanks for all those who support my blog and to all my friends who have commented on it. I would take your comments seriously as this might help me to improve my blog. Do enjoy yourself here and till we meet again in my next writing.

4 Response to "WoRK iN PRoGReSS"

  1. memymu says:
    April 29, 2009 at 12:28 PM tuka purpose wat blog coz x nak org tau ur personal life r??cmtu??hmm...ok..sume org beza cara aku ckp la purpose aku sbb per..anyway...gud luck la ea....n yg pling pnting..enjoy wit wat u do..ok....ja..

  2. ASAA says:
    April 30, 2009 at 8:18 PM

    wuuu....pes...very the skema ur English bro~

    rs mcm bc esei..hek3..well, u do have good English...writings pon ok jer...ehehehe

    pes, dh ko pi ajak sumer org tgk blog ko...kompem2 takleyh nak buat secret :D ngeeeeeeeee~~ no more anynomous black ink dh bro :P

    those articles on Grunge thingy, smpai la nh aku tak abes baca satu pon...sgt lerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr panjang...huk3...

    blogging is addictive...hehehe...aku tau ko tgh sebok carik mende nak post :P

  3. BadekGonzalez says:
    June 14, 2009 at 10:52 PM

    a nice purpose u got there bro..
    improvise ur current situation..
    that is what we need to do anyway rite?

    good luck on that
    keep up d good work.

    p.s:at first it was personal,but at last, i still think it is personal.why?it is because of to feel self-acheivement.

  4. v says:
    July 26, 2009 at 11:48 AM

    May I ask ... why Grunge? The music?
    Do u know that it means 'filth or garbage' dan yg seangkatan ... Hih hi hiiii ...